Private tuitions


If you want a course that suits your particular professional and personal needs, as well as your own time schedule, we would recommend you to choose our tailor-made private tutorial programme.

Individual classes can start any time during the year and are held in the morning and afternoon time from Monday to Saturday (latest class starting at 4.45pm). They are flexible in terms of schedule. You can book or cancel a class up to 36 hours in advance. (Booking is subject to availability)


 Tuition fees from April 1st, 2017

1 class lasts 1 hour

Individual Price
Pay as you go € 50 per class
10 classes paid in advance  € 450 (€ 45 per class) - to be completed within 3 months   
One-to-two    Price
Pay as you go € 40 per person per class  
10 classes paid in advance     

 € 350 (€ 35 per person per class) - to be completed within 3 months


Assessment test

  • Students are required to take a Level Test before enrolling for Italian Language Courses.
  • The assessment test is free of charge.
  • Call today and book your consultation meeting!

Winter - Spring term holidays

The school will be closed from March 13th to 19th (Mid-term holidays)